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Axonométrie Ami studio Architectes Paris
Perspective Salon 1
Many individual houses with imposing roofs do not exploit the unusual volumes of their attics. The project owner's wish here was quite the opposite: to give a use to this unused volume. The project to build a games room for the whole family came naturally. The simple and minimalist layout restores the emotion that such a space provides. A black doorway, like a threshold to be crossed, provides access to the room which then appears flooded with light thanks to the roof windows. It is only once inside that one can turn around facing a bramble green wall, monumental, which underlines the particular geometry of the volume. The light oak parquet transforms the room into a sober, warm landmark, imbueds a soothing atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

program attic renovation

place Gif-sur-Yvette, France

contracting authority private

architect Ami studio

surface 40 m2

budget 42,000 eur ex-tax

assignment complete

delivery 2021

Perspective Salon 2.jpg
Perspective SDB.jpg
Perspective Chambre 1.jpg
Perspective Chambre 2.jpg
Plan du projet-never to small-paris amistudio
Agence d'architecture. Basée à Paris et Versailles,     Ami studio conçoit des projets de construction, de rénovation, de réhabilitation et d'aménagement sur mesure. Design, chic, classe, pas cher.
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