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Preliminary study


Preliminary study mission  

This mission aims to achieve three variants of sketches with different biases and concepts in order to question the spatial possibilities of your property.
Each program elements integration variants according to your specific demands.

We will produce a notebook in A3 or A4 paper format and in PDF digital format including the following elements:

> The three variants of outline sketches*
Partition plan and circulation principles in the form of flowcharts.
> A summary estimate of the three sketch variants.

*Warning, these documents are project intentions, but do not constitute in any circumstances technical plans for carrying out the work.



Mission of survey of the existing

This optional mission is done at the start of the preliminary study and allows sketches to be made on very precise base plans (this mission can be carried out by us or by a surveyor).


Continue your project with a complete mission

You liked this study ! You wish to continue your project with us : it is possible ! Following a preliminary study mission, you can  contract a complete mission.

The amount of the preliminary study mission will then be deducted from the fees for the outline phase of the complete mission.

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